A busy second week at the dlr TY Entrepreneur STEM Camp

stem week 2 (1)

The second STEM workshop was all about communication and flashing red lights! 

Students learned about voltage, inputs and outputs, analog vs digital signals, Raspberry Pi, Python and the Arduino family with particular focus on the Arduino Uno.

Building on knowledge gained from last week’s session, the hands-on workshop saw students use Arduino, Raspberry Pi,  Grove kits , Pi-tops, Python and a lot of teamwork to figure out how to get the red LED light to come on, flash and respond to a light sensor with text based coding.


One of the main highlights was succeeding in coding and working as a team which resulted in the achievement of getting that LED to light up!

hand and arduino

Learning about Raspberry Pi, its power, energy efficiency and the possibilities it provides inspired many of the teams.

Amy, Slobudan, Joey, Clara and Naoise learned a new coding system and their biggest achievement was communication

Shane, Shawn, Aoife, Grace and Ellen learned text based programming, brainstorming techniques and all about Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Their LED lit up first time which was their achievement for the day.

Darragh, Luka, Molly, Gilan, Leonie really enjoyed learning and using the programs and while getting the LED to work was a struggle they had great sense of achievement when it worked.


Alex, Ciara, Alex and Kamila enjoyed making friends and using their communication and team skills. Ivan, Kate, Kate, Sean and Cian also enjoyed getting to know new people and they achieved the goals set through “incredible communication and co-operation” skills!

Some healthy competition was in evidence with several teams claiming to be the first in their group to complete the coding challenge set by Dr Jake!

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