dlr STEM Camp now in 3D

In week three of the dlr Entrepreneurial STEM Camp the students learned about the exciting new world of 3D printing. The scope and complexity of objects and devices that can be made using 3D printers was illustrated: boats, organs, prosthetics, other 3D printers and perhaps, before long, a moon base.

With the lecture over it was time for work to begin. Each student had about an hour to use the 3D printing software to design a key-ring with their name on it.

The library’s three in-house 3D printers were then set to turn the designs into tangible objects before the end of the session.

For the last section of the day it was time to get creative. In groups the students could play around with the 3D printing software to design holding cases for the Arduinos they were using in the previous weeks. This required them to work together to come up with imaginative designs that may be feasible to make.

Next week the students will be finding out all about ‘Design Thinking’. Check back to see how they got on.

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