3D Creativity for dlr TY STEM Teams

Copy of stem week 3

This week the teams entered the world of 3D printing. To get them thinking about creations, Jake asked the teams “what makes things?”

There were a range of answers such as:

A Hammer – which makes tools

Chemicals – which make medicines

Energy – which makes mass

Atoms – which make pretty much everything

Education – which can make you a teacher, amongst other things

Soil – which will grow things


Tools are powerful things and help create almost everything we see. A 3D printer is a very useful tool and has the ability to print & create a wide variety of objects. For example, Jake has printed off a dimmer switch and sink plughole to fix broken objects in his home!

Following on from the introductory talk and video, and under the guidance of Jake and Stephen the teams learned how to use design software ‘123D’ to create name-tag keyrings and a case for the Arduino.

Darragh and Molly preferred to make tags that didn’t have their name on it using the phrases  “Cash Money” and “OOF” instead!

Zuzanne, Zach, Ayder and Cleo learned how to design for 3D printing and enjoyed changing the fonts on their design. Their biggest achievement was creating a cover for the Arduino.

Max and Ciara felt the design and fixing a text error was their biggest achievement.

They, as well as Aoife, Mariam and Lizzie, Milan and Luka really enjoyed seeing the name-tag keyrings they designed being printed. In fact, all teams got great satisfaction out of their design work turn into a real 3D object.

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